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Emergency First Aid Training

About Heaven Can Wait

Heaven Can Wait teaches First Aid and CPR courses across Ontario.

David Goodman

Paramedic David Goodman founded Heaven Can Wait in 2005. His career as an emergency responder was cut short when he suffered a back injury while trying to save the life of a 20 year old.

David Created First Aid and CPR programs that are easy to follow, user-friendly and will enable you to feel empowered when dealing with medical emergencies.

All of Heaven Can Wait’s instructors are Emergency Services Workers.

The WSIB of Ontario, the Federal Government of Canada and the Heart and Stroke Foundation approve all of our First Aid and CPR programs.

David Goodman

Heaven Can Wait classes

David with Staff

David Goodman with other Heaven Can Wait staff instructors.

Our students

David with Staff

Tradesman who learned from Heaven Can Wait.

On July 27th 2018 at 8:20 AM, one of our tradesman on site at The Rocket Condos collapsed and became unresponsive.

The tradesman’s partner had noticed his skin turning blue; he got closer and realized his co-worker wasn’t breathing - he held onto him and slowly laid him down while keeping his head raised. TMG labourers were working nearby, and, witnessing this event, alerted TMG Management of the emergency, asking them for medical information (from the orientation form) and to call 911.

Peter Jaworski and Vito Schillaci took the AED response kit and ran to the scene while 911 was being called. TMG labourers worked together to create a clear path towards the incident. Peter and Vito checked the tradesman for his vitals and found that he wasn’t breathing and that his heart had stopped; they began CPR by taking turns administering chest compressions, while cutting his shirt open and preparing the AED machine.

Three to five minutes later, the paramedics arrived on scene; our TCP and TMG labourers flagged them down and directed them to the unresponsive worker. While the paramedics attempted to resuscitate the tradesman, TMG staff brought them up to date with the necessary specifics of the incident. Before being sent to the hospital, paramedics were able to successfully revive the worker.

Later that day, the hospital determined that the worker experienced a rare form of a seizure, and has since been released from the hospital and is now in full recovery.

Tutu, Yung and Dom

On May 19, 2016, just 8 days after taking a CPR and AED course from Heaven Can Wait, Tutu (far-left), Yung (second-from-left) and Dom (far-right) saved their colleague Carlos (second-from-right) while at work. Carlos collapsed and stopped breathing. The three started CPR and applied an AED and saved his life. These three heroes received a Citizen’s Award on April 6, 2017. Watch the video of their story.

Dr. Brian Budovitch

Dr. Brian Budovitch (dentist) witnessed a man collapse in the parking lot at a golf course. Brian recognized the man was not breathing. He immediately started CPR and used the golf courses AED to save him. Dr. Budovitch received a Citizen's Award for saving this man's life on April 6, 2017.

Sumi-e Amadriertih

Less than 12 hours after being certified in CPR and AED with HCW, Sumi-e Amadriertih saved a man's life who collapsed at her workplace. She started CPR and used an AED to save him.