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Emergency First Aid Training


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How many people at your kids' school know first aid?

by Dave Bradley
February 13, 2017

…However, in a scenario where a child is choking, time is [of] the essence. "An average kid has probably 20 seconds before they drop and if they actually drop, they are in cardiac arrest." says David Goodman, a former paramedic who now teaches CPR courses…

Better broke than dead — The reality of CPR

July 20, 2016


Are you prepared for an emergency?

by David Goodman
Focus – ODHA Publications
July 2016 issue

…I will also discuss the most common medical emergencies in a dental office, the medications used to treat them, as well as provincial legislation/liabilities, and improving safety for the practitioner and the client.
According to the Canadian Dental Association, in Ontario approximately 1,400-3,265 dental practices will experience an in-office medical emergency in any given year…

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Interview with David Goodman

NEWSTALK 1010, The Night Side
March 18, 2016

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Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy

Heaven Can Wait, So Learning First Aid Can’t

Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy
May 2015

…If David had not been there, would another passerby have been able to save Sandy? “Complacency and apathy are deadly and I speak from experience.” says David, “It’s never too late to take control and empower yourself with the knowledge to help save a life. It’s better to know First Aid and CPR and ideally not have to use it than have to use it and not know it…

Toronto Paramedic Services

David Goodman receives Citizen Award for saving man’s life

April 2, 2015

Toronto Star

Heaven can wait

Toronto Star, Life
January 23, 2015


…On that fateful Wednesday afternoon, shortly before 4 p.m., David Goodman, 39, was driving home from a meeting. Goodman saw a small crowd gathered on the sidewalk, and what appeared to be somebody giving chest compressions. He turned his car, parked it facing oncoming traffic, and ran to the scene. Goodman, who in 2005 founded the company Heaven Can Wait — Emergency First Aid Training, was the right person in the right place at the right time…

DEL Condominum Life

Out With The Juke Box, In With The “Shock Box”: How Defibrillators Are Saving Lives

by David Goodman
DEL Condominium Life, Health & Safety
Spring Issue 2010

…An AED is a small portable device that analyzes the non-beating heart to determine whether administering a shock will be beneficial. If indicated, a shock will be delivered.
If an AED is attached to a SCA patient in less than five minutes and proper CPR is administered immediately, the chance of survival is 76 per cent. Another piece of good news is that you don’t have to be a medical professional to use these devices. AEDs can be used by anyone in situations where an individual is unconscious and not breathing.…

Ontario Dentist Journal

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) – A Life-Saving Investment

Paramedic David Goodman explains why an AED is a must-have for every dental office.

by David Goodman
Ontario Dentist Journal
July/August 2009

…Dentists are no strangers to medical emergencies occurring in their practices. As a paramedic, I have dealt with numerous medical emergencies in dental clinics ranging from mild problems to severe and life-threatening ones. According to an American study published in JADA, an incidence rate of 7.5 medical emergencies per dentist occurred over a 10-year span. Due to the increasing age of our population and the increasing number of patients with health issues, dentists are being exposed to a much higher risk population than ever before.…

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No knocking on heaven’s door with this medic

EMS attendent keeps first aid training biz pumping in North York

My Town Crier
September 8, 2008

…Goodman teaches people to deal with certain situations many may cringe to think of: what do you do when your child is choking? How can you determine if a person is actually going into anaphylactic shock? What’s the major sign a person is having a heart attack?
There are a lot of old wives tales about emergency situations, he says, that he must break down. He mentions one man he saw in a restaurant who patted his child on the back when he saw the child may be choking.…